About Me

Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Guide and Teacher.

I am a healer, guide and teacher who has spent the last two years living my passion in helping individuals reconnect to their true inner being. I love helping my clients to feel empowered, lighter, more balanced and in fact break free from that which is holding them back.  

I feel my gift to humanity is to support, guide and teach you about acceptance and self-love.

Personally I lived a lonely (inner loneliness) life, and tried to fill it with all the wrong behaviours, habits and things in life that I thought would bring me joy, excitement and fill the void.

I would therefore like to help and show you, that to be alone is not to be lonely – it is to be at peace with one’s self, easy in your own skin, in love with yourself – without the ego. 

I believe in the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT connection. Looking at all 3 aspects of who we are, how they interplay, and how I can support and guide you, towards living a balanced life. 

BODY, MIND and SPIRIT connection took me on my journey to where I am today. Learning how to connect with my higher self, how to listen and trust my intuition, provided me with additional support and to follow my true inner self, that part I can trust and that only has my highest good in mind. 

This connection has provided me with so many blessed opportunities in connecting with mentors that has supported, guided and taught me how to see, feel and experience life differently and this I would like to empower you with. 

Crystals came into my life first and this was love at first sight. I didn’t understand the strong connection and attraction at first, until I started working with them in my life. I felt their vibration, I felt their support, I felt how they helped me through difficult times and the love just grew stronger and stronger. 

I completed my Reiki 1 and 2 and Masters’, mentored by a well-known Cape Town-based Reiki Master and Psychic Medium for three years. My Master’s journey with her, taught me so much about myself, allowing me to understand, acknowledge and shift my energies and behaviours in different ways towards self-love and acceptance.  

Reiki and Crystals, was just a natural combination that happened, to support the clearing, healing and balancing of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT, helping clients feel lighter, balanced and become aware of aspects, emotions and feelings impacting their lives and how they can change this for themselves.

It is also on this journey that I learned the important part of taking time out for self, time to heal and realign. Time to switch-off the mind, connect with my heart and the divine.

Teaching and sharing my knowledge is something I love. Training up-and-coming Reiki practitioners as a qualified Reiki Teacher, provides practitioners and attendees with intuitive energy healing and teachings of personal and spiritual growth.

The MIND is a part that always fascinated me and was also the part that I struggled with in changing or felt that it was an uphill battle and with my clients it was the same. This led me again, on an unexpected connection with hypnotherapy and experiencing the power this modality had to bring lasting change into your life.

Hypnotherapy has changed my life, powerfully turn around that is truly magical! Changes is experienced and felt throughout the session, to support your desire to change aspects of your life, that’s holding them back.

I qualified as a Hypnotherapist, an invaluable skill set, supported by various additional skills to my toolbox, allowing my clients to experience a deeper sense of understanding and take their own healing to deeper levels.

Using the following therapies; Inner Resourcefulness, Compulsive Behaviour (including Stop Smoking), Inner Conflict (Parts Therapy), Past Life Regression, Soul Journeys and Spiritual Hypnosis to support people in their desires for change.

Empowering others through insight, clarity and guidance, is where Soul Plan and more specifically Soul Plan Readings, entered my life. We experience life, and many times feel like we are doing this blind folded. Through Soul Plan, I’m able to provide insight into your expected life challenges, your natural born talents, how you can use these talents to overcome challenges and what goals and purpose your soul would like to achieve in this life time. 

Let’s unpack the word ‘evolve’ – to evolve is to transform, grow, metamorphosis the body, mind and spirit.  Harmoniously is a beautiful word isn’t it?  In my mind’s eye – harmoniously is a depiction of those beautiful still mornings that you awaken to a world where all is right, all is good – because you are equipped and confident enough to handle anything that comes your way.  Harmoniously… yes – let’s all step towards living harmoniously shall we?  

Evolve Harmoniously was born through my own personal involvement and growth.  It’s my very own spiritual journey personified into a safe healing space and haven where my clients can come for clearing, balancing, healing and grounding and above all for healing their life, love and accept themselves.  This world that we live in would be so much easier to navigate if we all just loved ourselves and each other that much more.

Join me in this ever upward journey towards involvement and personal growth, healing and transformation.  Together we can shine our lights bright for the world to become a better place for each and every one.  

“There’s always another level up. There’s always another ascension. More grace, more light, more generosity, more compassion, more to shed,
more to grow.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

My Journey as a Healer

Our Soul selects the life it feels is the right one to explore, experience and learn from, to allow us to grow and evolve.” ~Daniel Coetzee

I grew up in a conservative family, in a small coastal town on the West Coast. A place where exposure to certain ways of live, was either not seen, or not heard of or not even spoken about.

Many of us go through so many things as a child, but we keep our feelings, our thoughts and emotions to ourselves – buried deep down where no one can ridicule them.

This was my journey – and in keeping my feelings and thoughts to myself, I started to feel utterly and completely alone – isolated and far removed from the community I found myself in. I just was never allowed to be myself.

Young Daniel worked hard to ‘fit-in’ – participating in all activities inside and outside the school environment – all working towards helping him to feel accepted, wanted, needed or connected. Friendships were hard to cultivate – and books, studying, television and may other things I used to fill the void in my younger self’s life.


I never thought that I could do things differently – and in my community we weren’t encouraged to think out of the box. We were in fact taught that this is life – it’s hard – and you must just pull up your sleeves and get on with it. We were taught that you only achieved something in life if you worked hard and this ethos would later govern my life.In 2001 my life entered a new phase with a move to the big city – Cape Town. Scared, but excited, I embarked on my new life with wild abandon – socializing and working hard – I was meeting new people and climbing the career ladder…

Flamboyant, cosmopolitan Cape Town – a place where anything and everything goes – a far cry from my conservative and secluded upbringing. A place where I finally could be myself and be accepted for who I was and what I liked.

I was gifted with a unique and uncanny ability to ‘understand’ people – offering them support, guidance and advice to their problems. As this gift grew I recognized my ability to make a difference in people’s lives but never once did I link it to my divine soul purpose.

As my life unfolded, I experienced a few hard lessons in love, life and at work – and kept asking myself why me, why now, why, why, why?

These questions lead me to search for answers and in 2008 I was introduced to the alternative holistic healing industry that’s so readily available in Cape Town. I treated myself to a monthly Reiki Healing session for general stress and releasing and in turn received so much feedback from the practitioner every time – that I decided to actively engage in healing and evolving my life.

In 2009 my Reiki Master advised me that she had received a message from a Master Guide that I was brought to this planet to help serve others. I was so excited. I immersed myself in reading up on Reiki and the ways of the Spiritual Masters of the world.

Fast forward to 2015 and I was preparing for a planned group holiday. I was flying on a different airline to the rest of the group and thus decided to make a pit stop in Dubai on a mini holiday of my own. I was doing this on my own – having listened to my inner guidance and voice – for the first time ever! And boy was it a life changing experience! The best experience of a lifetime. During my 7 days in Dubai my mind was blown, perceptions changed, inner power activated, and heart filled. I literally went to bed every night with cries of appreciation and prayers of gratitude. Ironically, I came home to a preplanned reading with a psychic and again I received the message that I need to fulfil my life purpose of helping others and this time the message was a little more persuasive and allot louder.

Clearly the universe was getting a little frustrated with me. I wasn’t going to be the one not to listen to the great universe – so I decided that I would start following all the breadcrumbs life was leaving for me towards my greater purpose.

Later in 2015 I unexpectedly came across a weekend retreat on Face book and again I felt compelled to participate and so – listening to my inner voice – I registered and off I went.

It was on this Retreat that I connected with my teacher, mentor and Master who took me through Reiki I, II and Masters and various other development journeys over a period of 3 years, allowing me to explore deeper parts of myself. It is through Reiki that I learned to love and forgive myself.

In 2016, I unexpectedly connected with Hypnotherapy as a healing modality and was invited to be a client to one of the students on an Open Day at a Hypnosis Healing Centre. Having hear all about hypnotherapy and the power it has to change your way of thinking – I was excited to see how it could help me. During the session I came to realize that I was still struggling with the aspect of belonging and being comfortably alone and when the hypnotherapist was taking me through the actual hypnotherapy stage I had a big A-HA moment when I realized what was causing me to feel this way and was able to set myself free from what was holding me back in life.

This immediate change and healing really aligned me to hypnotherapy and the power it has to change one’s mind-set and I immediately signed up for my own personal certification to become a hypnotherapist.

Healing come in many different forms, sometimes it’s about seeing and acknowledging the impact something has in your life, or maybe it’s getting a new realization or perspective around something. Most of the times it is breaking old patterns and habits that causes us stress and distress. Being able to tap into that place of your own Higher Self, assist you to look at life completely differently, not trapped by labels, judgement, fear and doubt. Viewing life as lighter, free, more balanced, experiencing forgiveness and love.

I would not be in my life today, if it wasn’t for the people I connected with, for the decisions I made to allow myself to heal, to learn and to still experience life, as we continue to expand, grow and evolve towards a life that is harmonious and in balance .

‘I think there is no greater gift than waking up in the morning and doing the thing that brings you the most joy…’

You’re In Good Hands

There’s something very comforting and calm about Daniel Coetzee. On meeting him I could sense that this man is not someone to get caught up in any drama…he is quiet, listens well and is immediately decisive in his next steps to have you cleared, balanced, grounded and healed. I am not one for small talk – unless I know you well – and Daniel was happy on first meeting – to just get on with the business of my Reiki healing…it is only once I opened up to him – and got to know him well enough to feel comfortable to chat – did we strike up a wonderful report and now visiting his healing studio is like going off to the spa – I come back home well and truly cleared of all negativity, rested and ready for my week ahead. Love my reiki sessions with Daniel Coetzee. ~Robyn Lambrick, Word on the Street Media

I would like to give you a really big hug and thanks for my Soul Plan Reading that you did for me a few weeks ago Daniel.  In fact, I believe that I’m only now starting to integrate it all now.  Wow – it was fantastic.  I can honestly say that I believe and received every piece of information you shared with me.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

I see the way – and I’m excited for the journey ahead.  I can highly recommend it for everyone.  In fact, I would go as far as saying that Matriculants should have it done just to help them bridge the next stage of their lives. 

Blessings Daniel – stay true to who you are and keep doing great work.

Robyn Lambrick

CEO & Founder, Word On The Street Media

“Had amazing Reiki session combined with crystals for healing with Daniel. He always has a sincere interest in his client with beautiful caring energy and deep spiritual insights.”

Amanda Snyman

Founder, Life Joy

Amazing energy empathy and strength and understanding.

Razania Asaro

“Awesome treatment. I walked out on air. I recommend Daniel anytime. Thank you very much.”

Rose van As

“I can’t thank you enough for the session today. I haven’t felt that sense of relief in a while. And you were right, I find myself pretty thirsty after the session. One thing I can’t seem to get over is the vibrant and intense colours I saw during the session, I’ve never experiences anything like it, in fact I’ve been reading up on this… Anyways I just wanted to say thank you!”

Busi Nkopane

“Loved our session, so totally relaxing. Thank you for creating a safe space, which allowed me to trust the process, as he gently talking me through it and allowed me to enjoy the healing and full release benefits. Thank you so much…. Highly recommended.”

Amanda Snyman

Founder, Life Joy