Gain more insightful awareness, creating new beneficial thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards oneself, others and the world and more …

Hypnotherapy is a state of therapeutically induced relaxed focus, whereby one’s mind becomes more susceptible and receptive to new, more positive ideas.

Hypnosis is in fact a natural state of mind which we all experience throughout the day. Daydreaming, focusing on your favourite television program and the moments as one is waking up or just before one falls asleep are all forms of hypnosis. It is a completely natural way that allows communication between the conscious and subconscious mind in a heightened state of awareness where incredible changes can be made.

According to theories of hypnotherapy, the mind has the power within it to create healing and wellness. It is characterised by a combination of a trance state, complete relaxation, heightened imagination and concentration which brings about the opportunity for the client to utilise his/her inner strength to work to his/her benefit, as his/her mind is concentrated and more open to receive and accept suggestions.

Hypnotherapy enables an individual to reconnect and rediscover their own resourcefulness and to support the change process to address unwanted habits, fears, phobias, stress related issues, anxiety, sleeping disorders, depression, or to improve self-worth or performances.

Hypnosis, used as a form of therapy, called Hypnotherapy, combines the benefits of hypnosis with conventional forms of therapy, producing a winning self-enhancement formula. The therapist merely aims to facilitate the client in this process, to his/her own inner healing.

Hypnotherapy can also be utilised in concurrence with other therapies so as to enhance the therapy and speed up the therapeutic process.

Perhaps you have tried everything and are still looking to succeed in, Hypnotherapy Solve Your Problems! Life is too short to wait. Call now for an appointment.

Through hypnotherapy I am able to help with:

— Weight and eating related problems
— Giving Up Smoking
— Quitting Destructive Bad Habits and Behaviors
— Overcoming Alcohol or Drug Dependency
— Overcoming Fears and Phobias that Are Holding You Back
— Overcoming Grief and Loss
— Overcoming Abusive Childhood or Adult Situations
— Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Sleeping Disorders
— Anger Management
— Clearing Negative thoughts and Emotions associated with past experience
— Building Self Confidence, Self-Esteem and Motivation
— Having Successful Relationships
— Job Performance
— Public Speaking
— Self-acceptance and Love.

Gain more insightful awareness, creating new beneficial thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards oneself, others and the world and more …

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

I am totally dedicated to employ my knowledge and experience to afford you the best results, which will work when you are committed to do the same, therefore your cooperation is crucial right from the start

Firstly, you need to think about your issue with honesty.

Sometimes we feel that we have worked through painful incidences (with or without professional help) and are not shy to report that we “have dealt with it”. Most often this is a logical, conscious approach – the emotional contents is rationalized away. This may seem sufficient for our analytical, logical mind but does not deal with the “programs” which are seated deep in our subconscious. This then results in inner conflict and will manifest through the mind/body connection and surface in all sorts of symptoms. 

Other times we are unaware of the reasons for the internal conflict, because we simply don’t know or we don’t remember because the origins are set outside of our conscious memory, either in very early childhood, the womb or even during a different incarnation (past lives). Hence, the necessity to utilize the state of hypnosis during which all “programs” and memories can be accessed.

How many sessions are there?

Should you decide to book appointments we schedule 3 sessions to ensure that you have ideal continuation. If we manage to solve the issue sooner or you decide not to continue for any reason you can simply postpone or cancel the other session(s). Only sessions not cancelled within 48 hours will be charged in full.

What do I prepare for a session?
  1. Before the first appointment, you will complete “client intake form” and send me your “case history” by email. Please write down everything that you can think of that might have lead to the situation in which you are now, prompting you to contact me. This should include as much information from as far back (childhood) as you can remember.

Receiving this just prior to the first appointment gives me a starting point, which saves us a lot of time during the session and gives you the opportunity to prepare and ensure that you will not leave out information, which might be vital.

It is important to be sincere about this exercise as it serves to communicate with your subconscious mind, announcing that you are now ready to deal with the issue, that you are taking responsibility and are ready for positive beneficial adjustments. You might surprise yourself how therapeutic this excise is when you take your time and notice any emotions, which may come up.

Be very honest with yourself whether you derive any advantages from your situation, however small. For example the “ill” person may gain sympathy and a great deal of attention; the over eater may get comfort from doing so. It is essential for you to see that there is greater benefit in solving your issue than in the “gain” you may perceive. 

  1. Also, please summarize your motivation and intent for the sessions – be as clear as you can on your outcome objective: How you would rather like to feel and to experience life? 

Please let me have all this information at least 48 hours prior to the first session (daniel@evolveharmoniously.com).

The first part of our first session is used to discuss any questions you may have around hypnosis and hypnotherapy, unpack your problem and desired outcome. After fully discussing your problem area, I will lead you gently into a state of relaxation by means of visualization and other suggestion techniques.

Once you have responded sufficiently enough to all suggestions, we will then begin the work, taking you on your own inner journey of understanding, healing and transformation.

I had the privilege of having a hypnotherapy session done with Daniel. I had a spastic colon for many years. With his gentle guidance into a past life, so many things cleared up for me. With this knowledge and understanding my spastic colon cleared up. Thank you Daniel.

Diana Siccardi

Loved our session, so totally relaxing. Thank you for creating a safe space, which allowed me to trust the process, as he gently talking me through it and allowed me to enjoy the healing and full release benefits. Thank you so much…. Highly recommended.

Amanda Snyman

Life Joy

I can’t thank you enough for the session today. I haven’t felt that sense of relief in a while. And you were right, I find myself pretty thirsty after the session.

One thing I can’t seem to get over is the vibrant and intense colours I saw during the session, I’ve never experiences anything like it, in fact I’ve been reading up on this…

Anyways I just wanted to say thank you!

Busi Nkopane

Daniel will be pleased to offer you the full benefit of Hypnotherapy to allow you to live your life to its full potential. For a confidential discussion of how Hypnotherapy can help you, Contact Daniel.