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Hypnotherapy is a state of therapeutically induced relaxed focus, whereby one’s mind becomes more susceptible and receptive to new, more positive ideas.

Soul Plan Readings

Discover your Soul Purpose and watch your Life Path unfold.

Energy Clearing, Healing and Balancing

Reiki, Crystal Reiki & Sound Healing.

What people say about Daniel

As a Reiki practitioner, I am very particular about who I go to for treatments. Daniel is truly gifted and I absolutely love that he incorporates crystals in his Reiki sessions. The whole experience is very relaxing and special. You leave feeling calm, peaceful and happy. On one occasion I arrived with a stomach ache. The heat from his hands was amazing and my pain completely disappeared. Daniel is also so friendly and communicates everything really well and I can feel the love while he is working on me. I’m looking forward to my next session. Discovering Reiki, practicing it and receiving it, has really been life changing for me. It brings understanding, clarity, balance and purpose.

Paula Luiz

You are a role model… as Reiki Master for our group. Learning so much from you and thank you for always sharing your insights with us.

Amanda Snyman

Life Joy

Daniel is an intuitive and spirit led Reiki practitioner. He puts his clients at ease by preparing them for what they may experience. I’m not new to Reiki, however I was completely at ease and left the session with the clarity I needed. I would definitely recommend Daniel to anyone seeking a meaningful experience.

Yule Banda

Daniel is a natural healer who has an incredible connection with Source. He performed my Reiki with such gentle love and I left feeling relaxed, lighter and I had a clear vision with regards to blockages and my relations with myself. I am very grateful for your time and service Daniel. Lots of Love.

Linda Proctor

I have had the pleasure of having Reiki session with Daniel. I was feeling rather emotional and tense after a healing session and needed to release some of the emotions that I felt were building up in my body. Daniel used his crystals and I felt so much care and love during the session. Afterwards, I felt SO much better! I had a spring in my step. I can highly recommend a session with Daniel.

Gwen Serrotti

CEO & Founder, Xtraordinary Women

Daniel works with so much love and insight and integrity! The crystal reiki session I experienced was filled with love and I could feel the release and healing as he worked. Daniel is intuitive and has this amazing gift to connect with what is needed for your healing/session. He has a heart filled with so much love and compassion, I can highly, highly recommend Daniel!

Michelle Vooght

Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Inspirational Speaker,