You choose your emotion/ emotional reaction! You may just not yet have control over it!  You have the ability, the gift to choose how you think, feel and act. No matter what happens.

Your subconscious mind does what you tell it to do. If you auto negative, then that will be the first emotion that will surface, as your body makes a split-second decision based on behaviour, habits and past experience.  If you are on autopilot, you need to slow down, take control over your emotions or you will simply continue to react.

Your past doesn’t have to be your Future!

  1. Recognize

We often don’t have the time and space to process emotions in the moment, so make sure you allow yourself the space to feel the emotions you’ve been hiding from, or not willing to connect with before.

  • Become still and quiet in your space and close your eyes.
  • Become curious, what does your body feel like right now?
  • Scan your body, sense and feel where there is discomfort, pain or something, anything that your body would like to bring your attention to.
  • Acknowledge it, what are you truly feeling? (You have to feel and experience it to Heal it)
  • What emotion/s is coming up for you? Honour and Recognise the emotion/s (Attend to them one by one)
  • Allow the emotion/s to be present and to communicate with you (don’t resist, have compassion and understanding for yourself during this time)
  • Listen, see and feel what’s coming up for you when you connect with them (past or present events)
  • Hold on to it until you can decipher its message (is the emotion and discomfort linked)

The goal is to notice what is happening within your body, accept it, and feel it fully, without judgment. We need to accept our moment-to-moment experience instead of running from it. Learning how our body feels and where it feels it, can help us recognize the triggers in future events and we know how to respond and work through the emotions to help it not getting trapped and impacting our lives in multiple ways.

Offer yourself self-compassion as you go through more difficult emotions.

  1. Respond

Emotions need to be expressed to be processed. The goal is to move the energy of emotion through and out of the body so we can let it go. Self-expression must be authentic and embodied. Remember, true healing occurs when body and mind integrate, so express the emotion on the bodily level first and foremost.

  • Give yourself permission to feel this emotion and understand the message it brings?
  • What does this emotion you just connected with need from you?
  • What feels right in this moment? (What you hear, feel and see first is the right thing, don’t over-analyze)
  • What expression is it looking for?

Maybe you feel the need to cry, scream into a pillow, shout out to the world, go for a swim, walk or run, dance it out, hit a punching bag, do some gardening, yoga, paint your feelings out, or simply breathe deeply and see/feel how your body releases these emotions. Whatever you feel needs to be done at that moment, just do it.

Writing can be a very therapeutic experience of self-discovery, reconnecting with our true self, and processing our deepest feelings and emotions. When we write we give our internal world a voice.  We gain perspective; by writing about our fears and hurts we can look at them from a distance, detach from their grip, and eventually let them go.

Release, letting go and freeing yourself from the shackles of the past is true healing.

 3.  Reset

We often don’t have the time and space to process emotions in the moment, so make sure you allow yourself the space to feel the emotions you’ve had through the day and journal about it at the end of each day.

  • Thank your body and subconscious mind for communicating with you.
  • Give yourself permission to let the old ways flow away, out of your body (See it being absorbed by Mother Earth)
  • Let it go with Love, Compassion, Understanding and Forgiveness to yourself (you didn’t know better at the time)
  • Now decide how you would like to feel instead. (Higher Vibrational feelings – acceptance, calmness, confidence, compassion, curiosity, gratitude, hope, joy, love and patience, to mention a few)
  • If needed create thoughts, images that align with the emotion you chose.

You have successfully identified, released and rerouted a trapped emotion or an emotional experience.

NEXT TIME You face a Negative or Challenging situation, don’t simply react.

  1. THINK
  2. Ask Yourself? Which serves me better? Negative or Positive emotion?

It may feel awkward or lengthy at first, but the more times you repeat this, the better at it you will get and EVENTUALLY this to will become your new autopilot.

We can use various modalities to help us recognize, understand, learn, letting go and heal from trapped emotions. I practice Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Hypnotherapy, Soul Plan and Emotion Code, that can support you in your journey to discover, feel, understand and heal from your Trapped Emotions.

Connect with Your Authentic Self, Live Your Truth, As You LEARN, GROW and EVOLVE.