We all experience times when we feel; stressed, anxious, exhausted, stuck in a rut, a bit lost and we wonder where things went wrong.  There are times when it seems as though nothing good will ever again come our way, or that the bad stuff just won’t stop. This is so prevalent at the present moment, in the times we find ourselves in.

When things start to feel overwhelming, it might start to look as though nothing is in your control. A feeling of powerlessness can take over and grab hold if you’re not careful. Rather than waiting to get to the point where you start to feel stuck, it’s important to start adopting healthy habits NOW to help you nourish your body, mind and soul.

Nourishing the body and the soul is fundamental to evolving and living a healthy and balanced life. Nourishing is something that should be practised every day and is essential in keeping our health and peace of mind intact. The idea of nourishing can be so easily over-complicated or just all together forgotten about and overlooked.

Not only can it help you out of the hard situations, nourishing your soul daily will help you make every day a bit easier for yourself. To nourish is to do the little things in life that make you happy. Nourishing warms the soul and breathes life into us.

When it’s time to nourish yourself, take time for yourself, reach for these ideas…

Nourishment for Body

  • Get physical – take a walk, go for a run or get onto your bike and just ride.
  • Speed things up or slow it down – depending on your mood at the time – put on some music and dance.
  • Get your daily dose of Vitamin D by getting out into the sunshine – spend 10 minutes under the sun, even do gardening while outside.
  • Embrace the great outdoors – go hiking, camping, or backpacking and spend some time in nature.
  • Stretch your body – literally – with some stretching exercises like Yoga, Tia Chi.
  • Heal the body with wellness reflexology, massage or pamper session.
  • Feed your body – eat healthy and more natural foods.
  • Water your body – drink more water, it flushes out toxins and hydrates you.
  • Rest your body, mind and spirit with more physical rest by going to bed early.


Nourishment for the Mind

Breathe consciously allows you to releases toxins, feel less stressed, relaxes your muscles and helps you to focus. (Add the aroma of essential oil, the principle is that we breathe deeper when we like a certain smell)

  • Try some mindful exercises to help bring you into the present moment.
  • Intentionally schedule “me time” on your calendar and take breaks in-between when needed.
  • Remind yourself daily of the good things in life by writing a list of things you’re grateful for, big or small.
  • Stop being your harshest critic. Allow yourself to make mistakes.
  • Reward yourself for completing small tasks, even just acknowledging and celebrating these achievements.
  • Allow yourself to feel and express all of your feelings. Take a moment to allow your feelings to be present without judging them.
  • Learn to say “No”, helps to set boundaries and add stress, anxiety and being overwhelmed
  • Develop a relaxing evening ritual, which allows you to switch off, become still, before sleep time.

Nourishment for the Soul

  • Make time for meditation in your day. Focusing on your breath, not your thoughts.
  • Do a 10-minute body scan technique to check in with each part of your body.
  • Find an opportunity to use your strengths, the things that energize you, more often.
  • Read Inspirational Books, Watch a Happy or Inspirational Movie, Listen to Music.
  • Use online tutorials to learn something new.
  • Get creative, bring some colour, fun, into your life through hobbies, creative art, etc.
  • Choose who you spend your time with today. Spend time with people who inspire you, raises your vibration, is positive, makes you happy and supports you.
  • Do something nice for someone, help someone in some way, and donate to a charity of your choosing.
  • Ask for help, let people know you need some help or just call a trusted friend or family member to talk to.


Reiki energises and facilitates healing on all levels. It helps one to gain clarity, relieves stress, amplifies vitality, eases pain, lifts depression and heals. Reiki brings you into balance so that you can find your perfect state of being. It supports you on every level; body, mind, and spirit. Reiki always provides you with exactly what you need.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method which treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and creates many beneficial effects, be it in person or distantly.

The positive effects of a REIKI treatment:

  1. Reiki amplifies the Universal Life Force Energy in the body
  2. Reiki can reduce pain and soreness
  3. Reiki re-establishes physical, mental, emotional and professional well-being. It brings with it a wave of positivity that can be distinctly experienced by each and every person enjoying the privilege of receiving Reiki either directly, or as a part of a group of recipients.
  4. Reiki relieves stress and tension, relaxing muscles and smoothing out mental/emotional pressure.
  5. Reiki releases energy blocks and connected suppressed emotions, which in turn helps the release of the cause of any illness and disease. Brings about acceptance of realities in life. Reiki enables us to accept and love ourselves for who and what we are!
  6. Reiki sharpens the mind, helping it to see things more clearly and firmness in decision making.
  7. Reiki sharpens our intuition or sixth sense and deepens our spiritual awareness.

So here is my invitation to you, to take the time of which there is plenty once we make it, to nurture your body, mind and soul.